Paul Holden

I’m a software developer and law student at McGill University. I worked for six years at Fortinet Technologies, among other places. Despite the fact that I’m now in law school, I still love programming and I try to work on projects that either pique my interest or that I think could be used for the good of humanity.

I enjoy learning languages and am fluent in both French and Mandarin. I’ve spent a good deal of time in China and other parts of Asia. Long before that I also lived in Fiji and Namibia.

My technical interests are the in areas of distributed systems, mobile apps and anonymous systems. My law interests are in the interaction of culture and law, civil liberties in cyberspace, and detecting and preventing corruption in state and private institutions. Some of my software projects reflect these overlapping legal and technical interests.

That’s the brief introduction. If you’re interested in more, check out some of the links posted here.